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 How to get Website Visitors

In today's market it's extremely important to maximize the reach out to your potential customers or users to achieve results.

At we have been working extensively to allow you to focus on your business and send every day thousands of targeted website visitors to let you turn them into customers.

In order to deliver traffic to your website we use an unique technique that allow us to send to your website web surfers that are looking for your product or service.

We create for each and everyone of our customers a unique blend of different sources of advertising on the web. By combining different sources of visitors we can guarantee not only a steady stream oftraffic on your website but also that the traffic we are sending to your site is of the highest quality possible.

Why Buy Visitors from Us?

We combine traffic from different sources:

Expired Domains

When someone creates a website, they also register a domain name for one year. If the owner does not pay the annual fee, the registrar will drop the domain. These abandoned domains have visitors on them, and the previous owners either listed them on search engines, on lists and marketed them.

Content networks

There's a multitude of content networks around the web that have news, information and content about an infinite variety of topics. By partnering with them we can make sure that your presence there attracts who is reading those contents by matching your website with the most appropriate topic.

Ad Networks

Advertising Networks have an extensive presence on the web, thanks to their addition to our system we can ensure to extend your website reach to market and niches that you couldn't get before. Also by aggregating all our customer base to our partners we guarantee to pass our savings to you, keeping our service at competitive prices.
how to get website visitors

We guarantee our services, and we'll even over deliver!

Our web visitors will view your entire site. They won't be forced to go to it, they will find it as the result of their search.

When you order a Handytraffic campaign, your website is visited by one of our IT specialists who will professionally setup and start your campaign and then watch it every day. He will also answer all you questions in no time!

When you buy visitors from us, we make sure that we deliver targeted traffic to your site with the highest level of integrity and professionalism. Unlike many companies, we do not use any spamming techniques, and we do not use web-bots or any other programs to create fake traffic to your site.

All the targeted traffic that you will receive will be 100% genuine and will come directly to your URL. We guarantee that you will receive at least as many visitors as you pay for - and, in most cases, we'll over deliver. That is, if you are guaranteed 5000 unique visitors, you'll get at least 5000, but you'll possibly get 6000 or more!


What We Provide You

Visitors to your website that are
interested in your product or service.
They are all potential customers.
How We Get Website Visitors

Expired Domains
Content networks
Ad Networks
How We Send Visitors To Your Site

We collect and redirect the traffic in realtime thanks to our traffic
management technology.

"I just bought a 5000 visitors package. I have received 142 so far, and I got a sale on my 34th visit and made 75$ so far out of my 38$ investment. I am really excited to see how it goes in the next days,  if I make 1 or 2 more sales I will definitively become a lifetime Handytraffic customer!"

Steve Roland - Web Promoter
"I was very skeptical about this, so I only bought a 5000 visitors campaign. I have to say that now I am surprised by the results. I had 2 sales within my first 250 visitors, and I have already repaid my investment. If I keep this rate, I will definitively buy visitors again from you guys"

Rob Kelsen - Owner

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"Hello Henry, and thank you for everything.  Really appreciate your integrity  and professionalism. I had a very nice service from you and your team. I can say I climbed up the Alexa ratings like I never did before with other advertising methods. And it was cheap also. Greetings"

Jane Klinn - Sales Manager
"I want to continue this progress I am having. A 150.000 visitors campaign to get massive results is next. If this new campaign get me satisfied as much as I was with my last one, I will get a Million visitors next month."

Annette Anderson - Webmaster

buy visitors

 How our Social Booster Works

Bookmark your business site or blog to 150 HIGH PR Web 2.0 Social Sites

Quick Indexing - The fastest way to have any webpage or site visited by the search engines and indexed is by submitting them to any of the popular social book-marking sites. 

SEO - The ultimate benefit to social bookmarking is for purposes of link building and search engine optimization. By bookmarking your website with popular websites, you are gaining quality one way links coming into your website. 
getting website visitors
When search engines like Google crawl bookmarking websites and see your one way link, they see that your site is more popular and thus you have a good potential to increase your rankings in major search engines like Google and Yahoo.

Traffic Generation - Since our bookmarks are all tagged (or submitted under your niche keywords), a lot of the traffic from these sites are also very targeted.

Backlinks - Generates a lifelong one-way incoming link from authority web sites. No reciprocal linking is necessary. 

Backlinks are incoming links to a website or web page. In the search engine optimization (SEO) world, the number of backlinks is one indication of the popularity or importance of that website or pagePageRank .

Most of the bookmarking websites that we submit your website through have a google PR of 4 through 9 giving your website high quality exposure. Most of the links pass on PR. One of Google's algorithyms for ranking is the PAGE RANK of websites that link to your website. 

Through exposure of bookmarking your website with sites that have high PAGE RANKS, you will potentially increase the rank of your website within major search engines. 

"SocialBooster is a very effective tool that helped me to start taking advantage of the Social Media world. I never thought I could get so many visitors from this service also our Search Engine positioning has slightly improved because of all the new back links we have."

Jim Toples- Owner
"HandyTraffic has proven to be a great ally in the web marketing "war". Moreover SocialBooster is definitely one of the best "weapons" that HandyTraffic could provide us."

Mia Lowdale - Owner

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"Our SEO status and our search engine positioning has improved drastically since my company started using HandyTraffic SocialBooster. Thanks to all the back-links we have now, we went from position 80 to position 25 in our top keyword."

Jane Medina - Sales Manager
"HandyTraffic has made Social media an easy and effective tool for us to advertise our services. Getting ahead and position ourselves on the web is our biggest challenge but HandyTraffic services are key to our strategy."

Debora Kerr - Webmaster

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